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From creating a rental agreement to taking over the property from the tenant, our lawyers will guide you through the process, looking after your property and profits.

  • Free legal advice from seasoned experts

  • Professional aid in agreement termination

  • Tenant eviction process assistance

Rendin lawyers are there for you

Our tenant candidate vetting and detailed rental agreements make tenant problems unlikely. However, if they do happen, you can count on our legal team’s assistance.

Legal advice

Polish law is complex and often confusing. 
Rendin offers a comprehensive range of legal services to guide landlords through the most difficult aspects of renting property in Poland.

Documents, notices and mediations

Rendin customers access all rental-related legal document templates, incl. notices to settle debt and to vacate the apartment. Our lawyers can also mediate between the agreement parties.

Eviction assistance

While tenant eviction is the worst-case scenario in the rental journey, Rendin landlords find peace of mind knowing they can rely on our legal team's support, no matter the situation.

Professional help in navigating the Polish rental laws

Without legal knowledge, it’s very easy to make costly mistakes in the landlord-tenant relationship. Your rental agreement has to be spot on and cover all the bases so that you know your property and income are safe.

That’s why our legal team has your back at every rental stage and is always ready to answer all your questions.

  • Rental legislation experts at your disposal

  • Support at every stage of your rental journey

  • Clear solutions to complex inquiries

Document drafts, tenant notices & mediation assistance all in one place

Unlike other online templates, laden with shortcomings and errors, you receive from us documents prepared by lawyers crafted to safeguard your interests. We also assist with the agreement termination, ensuring it’s legally compliant and trouble-free.

In case of disagreements between the parties, Rendin's team provides help in effective mediation and legal analyses to guide the tenant and the landlord towards fair and lawful problem resolution.

  • Professional, up-to-date document templates

  • Support in conducting mediations during disputes.

  • Rental agreement termination advice and assistance

Eviction assistance

Sometimes a tenant just won’t move out despite the terminated rental agreement, and eviction is necessary. 
When push comes to shove it’s good to know that you have seasoned Rendin lawyers ready to stand by your side.

  • Assistance in understanding eviction complexities

  • In-depth support in handling eviction procedures, including leading difficult cases

  • Step-by-step legal guidance from the notice to vacate premises to assisting the bailiff in property recovery

Trusted by thousands of Polish landlords

Numbers don’t lie. Rendin protection for rental agreements is the ultimate way 
to ensure security and peace of mind when letting your property.

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Simple pricing, one fee. No hidden costs.

Rendin replaces the deposit with a small fee that is paid by either the landlord or tenant.
For that, you will have 10x rent protection and much more!

Rental protection. Supercharged.

When you’re a landlord, knowing that your property and income are safe is a blessing. We offer protection and coverage that regular deposits can’t match to give you the peace of mind you require.

Protection & coverage

Replace inefficient deposits with a proven solution that gives you security that’s 10 times better.

Legal protection

The Polish legal system offers little protection for landlords. We’ve got you covered

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Tenant verification

We verify tenants’ credibility by
checking their financial history 
in the unpaid debt database.

Customer support

With ordinary agreements, you face your problems alone. 
Let Rendin be your wingman.

Write your rental success story 
with Rendin

Our expertise in screening tenant candidates and crafting impeccable agreements has yielded a remarkable 99% success rate in rentals without issues. In the rare cases where challenges arose, we compensated property owners for the incurred losses.

complex cases solved

We have successfully solved over 
20 difficult cases for our landlords.

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