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Here you will find templates of Rendin's documents, such as a regular apartment lease agreement, an occasional and institutional lease agreement, as well as regulations, surety agreements, etc.


Institutional rent (Najem instytucjonalny)

Agreement example and general terms

Surety Bond

Agreement appendices that should be taken to notary in addition to Agreement

Only Agreement and General provisions should be taken to notary


Example of notarial deed on voluntary submission to enforcement

is given when signing the contract at the notary's office

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Regular agreement
Occasional agreement

What is a regular agreement?

It's the most frequently used form of rental agreement in Poland, which can be signed for an indefinite or fixed period (only the latter option is available in Rendin). It doesn't give landlords sufficient protection, and the templates available online are usually outdated and full of errors. However, its advantages are:

  • Widespread use, so almost every tenant knows it

  • Easy signing, without the need to visit a notary

  • The landlord and tenant can sign the agreement completely online, even if they are in two different countries

With Rendin's additional protection, your regular rental agreement will also protect the landlord. You will get a guarantee of up to 10 times the rent, verification of the tenant in the debtor database and legal support during the duration of the contract.

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