Fast and fair rental with no deposit

Use your deposit money for more important goals. Find the flat with a fair rental agreement and a guaranteed support at every stage of rental process.

Rendin rental - peace of mind for tenants

You do not have to worry about deposits, weird rental agreemenrs and being alone in case of problems. We want the rental market to be fairer for everyone!

Don't worry about deposits

Deposit is a thing of the past. You do not have to worry about whether and when will the landlord return it. If you will be charged for damages, you are sure they will be based on real value and not a made-up number.

We will help you

We will support you in case of unexpected financial problems. Do you have trouble paying rent? Do not worry! We will try to solve your problem, split your payment into installments or find a different solution.

Fair agreement

The agreement you will receive is always legally binding. Landlords using Rendin get agreement drafts created by our legal department. This is why the agreement is fair for both parties.

Rental market is one of the best place for bad people on both side. If you are a bad tenant you can destroy someone's property, not pay, and the owner can do little with it. (...) On the other hand, if the owner takes your deposit with no reason, as the owner you also can do nothing with it. I have created Rendin to support the good ones

Alain Aun
Co-founder and CEO of Rendin

Find a perfect place with Rendin

Check them and show your interest, and you will be able to arrange for showing right away!

No worries about deposit

If you want to rent a flat, you must generally pay a deposit, even as high as 2-3 rent value, and a first months rent as well. It creates a huge amount to start rental. With Rendin, there is no need to pay a deposit, that you might not get back.

Instead of caution, you pay a low fee of 2,5% of rent. It may be covered by a landlord, a tenant or divided between both parties - it depends on you!

Human, transparent approach

We know, there are different situations and sometimes unexpected problems that may make it hard to pay your rental fees - e.g. loss of a job, sickness or breakup.

With us you know, you will not be alone. We know the reality of rental and have created Rendin, to be a solid partner for you. We have helped many tenants.

Deal that's fair for both sides

Thanks to our online rental process you can see your agreement even before you get the property and make any required changes.

Our handover protocol is also filled by both sides, so it is easier to prove what the state of property was at the beginning of rental and what appliances were in the flat.

How to use Rendin

With us, You will easily find a flat with no deposit and sign an agreement. Almost all the steps, from the search, through contacting the landlord, until you get into your flat, can be made online!

Find a nice flat

Show your interest

It will take no more than 60 seconds!

To take care of both sides, at this stage we verify if tenants do not have any outstanding payments, e.g. loans. More info to be found in the FAQ section at the end of page.

Talk to the owner

After you are positively verified, send your data to the landlord so they can contact you. You will also get the owners data to call him.

You can contact the owner right away. They will answer all your questions and also arrange for the flat viewing.

Check the agreement draft

The landlorw will send you the agreement draft online - it has been prepared by our lawyers. You can also add additional points to the deal.

Sign the agreement

When the agreement is ready, fill it with additional details and sign it, to enjoy your deposit-free rental. In case of occasional rental agreement, a notary visit will be needed. The type of agreement is to be defined together with the landlord.

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