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Check out the whole process of how you can start using Rendin or if you are interested how our digital agreement platform work, check out the demo!

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How to use Rendin step-by-step

Check out our guide to learn how to get started with Rendin rental protection. Go down the page and you'll see the steps describing the entire process one by one.

Start by creating an account

Rendin users can put concluding an agreement and other necessary activities on hold, as it is auto-saved. This way, you don't have to go through the process in one go. You can always pick up from where you left off.

Quick and easy account set-up

Join our platform via e-mail or social login with just a few clicks.

Fill out your profile with basic information

Choose the account type (personal or business), add your name and contact details. 

Your security is our priority

We need your personal data for agreement-related purposes only. We store it on encrypted servers and never share it with other parties.

Fill out the rental agreement

You’ll find a ready-made, long-term rental agreement draft created by a professional lawyer. All you have to do is follow the guidelines and add rental information.

Start with basic data

Before we start, we need to get to know you better. Filling out our agreement draft is effortless, even if you’ve never done it before. We walk you through each step, such as parties, agreement effective date, payment method, deadline etc.

Add special terms

This step is optional. If you have additional conditions that need to be mentioned in our agreement draft, you can add them here.

Digital and printable

Our agreement creation is fully digital, but we will also generate a PDF version later. Remember that if you select the occasional or institutional rental agreement, the printout is necessary for the notarial deed.

Rendin tenant verification

We run ERIF debt checks to find out if the tenant candidate defaulted on any prior payments. Based on that, we evaluate their trustworthiness. When whitelisting tenants, we take the risk so that you, as a landlord, don’t have to.

Share a secure link with your tenant candidates

Prospective tenants have to enter their personal data. We take it from there.

Automatic check

We use the tenant candidate's PESEL number to verify them. Next, we present all your candidates on the dashboard with information about a passed or failed check.

We also ensure that tenants who caused issues for other Rendin users are excluded from the process.

Add verified tenant to the agreement

It only takes one click to add a verified tenant to the agreement. If you have several verified candidates, choose the one you prefer the most.

Finalise the rental agreement You’re almost there. Use our guidelines to complete the process, and don’t hesit

You’re almost there. Use our guidelines to complete the process, and don’t hesitate to contact our customer support with any questions.

Sign digitally

Pre-sign your agreement via our trusted document authorising platform, Autenti. Next, we will send you and your tenant the agreement and instructions to your e-mails.

Occasional or institutional rental? Remember to notarize.

After validating with a digital signature, print out the agreement and sign it by hand. You will find all the instructions in an e-mail from Rendin.

Next, take the hand-signed document to the notary, and ask the tenant to join you. If you opted for the occasional or institutional rental, their presence is necessary to sign the statement of submission to voluntary eviction. Find more instructions here.

Fill out the handover act

This document helps you to prove the condition of the rental home. Add relevant descriptions and up-to-date photos. Do it on the day you hand over the place to the tenant. It's proof in case the tenant does any damage to the property.

Hand over the rental property

When the previous steps are completed, you're ready to give the keys to the tenant. 

You're now a secured landlord with Rendin. Happy renting out!

Well done! Your rental documents are ready, and you’re now protected by Rendin.

Enjoy stress-free renting out

Rendin has your back throughout the duration of the agreement. It means that you have 10x higher protection compared to a traditional one-month deposit. You also get free legal advice whenever you need it.

Help during the whole rental period

If you have any rental-related, technical or legal questions, contact our customer support. We’re always there for you.

In case of missing payments or property damage

Let us know as soon as you can! Our customer support will assign you a legal expert to advise you about the next steps.

Rental service. Supercharged.

Discover how Rendin can help you secure and enhance your rental experience. We provide tools and resources for landlords, from creating listings to rental protection and understanding legal issues better, to help you manage your property more effectively.

Free Listings

You can effortlessly create and handle your rental listings without any charge.

Protection & Coverage

Replace inefficient deposits with a proven solution that gives you security that’s 10 times better.

Tenant verification

We verify tenants’ credibility by
checking their financial history 
in the unpaid debt database.

Customer stories

Explore real-life examples of landlords using Rendin to overcome problematic tenants.

We change the rental industry

In Poland, the rental laws favor the tenants, even in cases of fraud. At Rendin, we champion fairness for both parties! Our solution supports equitable rental relationships by providing landlords with:

  • Rent payment guarantee

  • Property damage reimbursement

  • Professional legal aid whenever they need it

We envision modern property renting as simple, accessible, and, most of all, secure for both landlords and tenants.

Get rental agreement protection. Enjoy profit and peace of mind.

Safe renting out with Rendin is at your fingertips.
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