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Protect your property and your rental income.
If a tenant defaults on rent payments or damages the furnishings, we will compensate for your losses.

  • Rent payment guarantee

  • Property damage reimbursement

  • Professional legal aid whenever you need it

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Numbers don’t lie. Rendin protection for rental agreements is the ultimate way to ensure security and peace of mind when letting your property.

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The best rental security platform in Poland

Rendin gives landlords protection 10x greater than their monthly rent.

13 000+

landlords joined and growing

Our service benefits both property owners and tenants.


Background-checked tenants

We verify if tenant candidates have overdue debts.

Rental service. Supercharged.

Discover how Rendin can help you secure and enhance your rental experience. We provide tools and resources for landlords, from creating listings to rental protection and understanding legal issues better, to help you manage your property more effectively.

Free Listings

You can effortlessly create and handle your rental listings without any charge.

Protection & Coverage

Replace inefficient deposits with a proven solution that gives you security that’s 10 times better.

How to Use Rendin

Get detailed guidance on how to streamline your rental management process.

Customer stories

Explore real-life examples of landlords using Rendin to overcome problematic tenants.

Simple pricing. No hidden costs.

Rendin replaces deposit with a small 2.5% fee that is paid by either landlord and tenant. For that, you will protection and much more!

Agreements prepared by lawyers
Digital agreement and handover
For private and business landlords
Rent by room or whole flat

Available across Poland

Rendin's got you covered no matter where your rental property might be. We are not limited to big cities.

All you need to do to access Rendin protection is to create a free account, enter your information in the agreement creator and sign it with your tenant. Easy, fast and without unnecessary paperwork.

You can also create an advertisement and find a tenant with Rendin, and in the meantime prepare a contract with 10 times more protection than the standard deposit.

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