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Rendin ensures security, peace of mind and rental profits for landlords


What is Rendin?

We provide fair residential rental so that landlords can be sure that their properties are in safe hands, and in case of problems, we are a partner who protects them against losses.

We prevent rental problems and assist in solving them if they happen. We take risks and financial responsibility for losses so our landlords don't have to. Our service ensures:

  • Loss prevention - we help to choose the right tenant with our background checks, mitigating the risk of issues.

  • Financial coverage - we reimburse unpaid rent and property damage losses up to 10x rent.

  • Legal expertise - we provide free, professional advice at every step of your rental journey.

  • Digital process and documents - we make reting out easier, with online tenant verification and handover protocol.

  • Professional agreements - we give you professional document templates, meticulously created by our lawyers.

Our mission: safe renting

You have an apartment for rent, but you're afraid you might find a dishonest tenant? One who won't pay or will damage the flat? Rendin offers landlords effective property and protif protection to give them peace of mind.

We will take the risk for you, and protect you against financial losses and property damage. Our mission is to provide safe and simple rental from A to Z and professional help from real estate experts at every step.

On Rendin, you will sign a safe rental agreement with a verified tenant who is not in the red. If you have any doubts, you will receive assistance from the customer support and legal departments.

Rendin application will support you throughout the entire process, from listing your property to the handover protocol when the tenant moves out.

For tenants, Rendin means renting without paying a deposit, as we are the landlord's guarantor that the terms of agreement are met.

Our history

Rendin began as the brainchild of two visionaries, Alain and Maiko, in tech-focused Estonia. With the rapid evolution from a concept to a thriving start-up, the company introduced an innovative form of protection for landlords and tenants, simplifying and securing apartment rentals.

The reception on the Estonian market was enthusiastic and gave Rendin the energy to look for broader horizons. When discussing the expansion possibilities, Alain and Maiko, together with their team of experts, turned their attention to Poland - a key player in the rental sector in Central and Eastern Europe.

Here they discovered a great demand for modern property protection solutions that perfectly match Rendin's vision. They also found dedicated people who wanted to change the rental environment for the better with them.

Trusted by thousands of landlords

Numbers don’t lie. Rendin protection for rental agreements is the ultimate way 
to ensure security and peace of mind when letting your property.

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Who we are and who we aren't?

Rendin is not just home insurance. It's more.

Our offer exceeds the typical home insurance cover, bridging gaps and protecting aspects of your rental property that standard policies overlook. We strongly recommend having home insurance in case of accidents (every home should have this kind of protection) our guarantee thrives where home insurance fails.

We put security first and foremost. That's why we offer tenant candidate background checks to reduce the likelihood of problems. If they do occur, we go above and beyond to solve them. If that fails, we handle the costs of missed payments and damages for you, ensuring that if something happens, we'll compensate for your losses.

We're not a rental agency or property management, but we cooperate with them if you need us to

We enhance your rental experience, providing professional support at each step. However, we don't function as a traditional rental agency or management company, so we don't oversee your property's day-to-day operations.

To enhance your Rendin experience with professional property management, reach out to our Customer Support team. We partner with many real estate companies and will be delighted to offer you our protection and their day-to-day property management in one package.

Rendin is not an intermediary. It's the place where you rent out with a peace of mind

We are your partner in safe renting, not another realtor or third party. You don't have to worry about any exclusive agreements or additional complexities with us.

We support you before, during, and even after the rental with our comprehensive all-in-one service, ensuring you can rest easy while your property works for you. Curious about the details? Find out more about the Rendin benefits or learn how to use Rendin.

Do you want to know more?

If you have any additional questions, our team will be happy to provide you with answers.

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Available across Poland

Rendin's got you covered no matter where your rental property might be. We are not limited to big cities.

All you need to do to access Rendin protection is to create a free account, enter your information in the agreement creator and sign it with your tenant. Easy, fast and without unnecessary paperwork.

You can also create an advertisement and find a tenant with Rendin, and in the meantime prepare a contract with 10 times more protection than the standard deposit.


We make the Polish rental market better

Though we've only been around for a while, Rendin has already made a great impact on the Polish rental relationships. We're constantly striving to improve the market with innovative solutions that redefine traditional practices.

200 000+ square meters

That's the total property area we helped rent out and protected in 2023.

It is equal to 29 football pitches or 154 olympic swimming pools.

5 000 000+ PLN

That's the total amount of losses we compensated for our landlords

We deliver on our promises. If a tenant defaults on payments or damages the property, we reimburse your losses.

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Discover the team behind your rental security. We blend our deep industry experience with a passion for new technologies. As landlord financial protection wizards, we use our skills and enthusiasm to revolutionize rental safety.

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Discover how Rendin can help you secure and enhance your rental experience. We provide tools and resources for landlords, from creating listings to rental protection and understanding legal issues better, to help you manage your property more effectively.

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Our expertise in screening tenant candidates and crafting impeccable agreements has yielded a remarkable 99% success rate in rentals without issues. In the rare cases where challenges arose, we compensated property owners for the incurred losses.

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We have successfully solved over 
20 difficult cases for our landlords.

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