Occasional agreement. Better security in case things go south.

Rendin revolutionises long-term home rentals with the 'Occasional Rental Agreement,' providing landlords unprecedented value and a novel approach not seen elsewhere in the industry.

  • Rent and utilities payment guarantee

  • Property damage reimbursement

  • Legal support in case of problems with the tenant

Occasional agreement with additional guarantees. Additional safety and guaranteed losses compensation.

You chose the rental agreement that better protects you and your money. Sign in on the Rendin platform. You'll also get professional agreement template, tenant verification and securty in case of losses.

Occasional agreement with Rendin

Occasional agreement without Rendin

Agreement template

Created by lawyers

Unverified template

Rent and utilities payment guarantee

Only deposit

Tenant notices and alerts


Legal advice during the rental process


Mediation in case of problems


Agreement termination support


Eviction guidance and advice


Legal services cost

0 zł (included in the service)

Up to 50 000 PLN

Occasional or regular agreement? Here you'll find both!

Simplicity or better security? Choose the solution that suits your needs more. It doesn't matter which type of rental agreement you sign on Rendin. Each one will be covered by our famous protection.

Occasional agreement
Regular agreement

What is an occasional agreement?

Despite the misleading name associated with a short-term rental, it is the statutory name for a long-term home rental agreement (signed for fixed-term from 3 months to 10 years) with additional security for the landlord under Polish law. It is signed between a private landlord and the tenant. Unlike a regular type of agreement, it’s much more secure legally, enabling faster tenant eviction and rental property recovery in case of problems.

  • Faster tenant eviction, without the court hearing

  • No need to wait for a social housing for the tenant

  • The possibility of increasing the rent during the rental period, if the agreement contains such a provision

Your occasional rental will be even safer with the Rendin guarantee. You will gain tenant verification in the debtor database, additional protection up to 10 times the rent and legal support throughout the duration of the contract.

Switch between agreement types with one click

You're creating an argeement, but you'd like to change the type to the other one available? You can do it with just one click. Rendin is a simple and user-friendly time saver.

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All the documents you need in one place

Don't waste your time looking up all the different rental documents online. We have them all here, professional, fully digital and ready to download.

Occasional rental agreement in Polish (Preview)

Surety bond (Preview)

Notarial deed (Preview)

Tenant's statement with an indication of property (Preview)

Declaration of the landlord to accept the tenant (Preview)

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No move-out address for the tenant? No problem!

You can get it from our partner, najem-okazjonalny.com

On their website, you can easily buy a statement indicating the move-out address (obligatory for occasional rental agreements).

You will receive a notarised PDF file, you can also order the original document, sent to you by post or courier services.

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Our expertise in screening tenant candidates and crafting impeccable agreements has yielded a remarkable 99% success rate in rentals without issues. In the rare cases where challenges arose, we compensated property owners for the incurred losses.

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Occasional agreement & Rendin. The highest level of security.

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