Institutional rent agreement with additional protection

With Rendin, landlords gain a better institutional lease agreement and a guarantee of safe profit.

  • We secure rent payments and protect your property and its furnishings

  • We verify candidates for tenants

  • We offer legal support for landlords

Institutional rental - what is it?

It is a long-term real estate lease agreement (signed for a period of 3 months to 10 years) between the landlord who is a natural person and the tenant. It is much safer than a regular lease and allows you to evict the tenant faster and regain the premises in the event of problems.

The agreement contains additional attachments:

  • Tenant's declaration of voluntary submission to execution (eviction).

  • Indication of the address to which the tenant will move after the end of the contract.

  • It requires the tenant's notarized signature to become legally valid.

Thanks to the Rendin guarantee, your institutional lease contract is even more secure. You gain protection in the amount of 10 times the rent, verification of the tenant in ERIF and free legal support throughout the duration of the contract.

See all the benefits of the Rendin offer:

Guarantee of compensation up to 10 times the rent

Rendin protects against no rent and utilities payments and protects the property up to 10 times the monthly rent.

Protection completely free for the landlord

The Rendin fee, which is only 2.5% of the monthly rent, is paid by the tenant. The owner of the apartment does not pay anything for protection!

Effective verification of candidates for tenants

We check in the ERIF database whether there are any debts behind potential tenants. Thanks to this, we guarantee their solvency and credibility.

The current premises lease agreement and attachments

Owners using our platform have access to an up-to-date and compliant model of an institutional lease agreement.

Effective mediation in conflicts with tenants

We are always on your side. The scope of our assistance includes preventing and solving problems with tenants.

Intuitive and fast real estate rental process

We support owners in the rental process from its beginning to its end. We offer documents, sureties and expert support.

Customers praise Rendin's protection

Just check out the rave reviews from landlords we've saved from trouble.

Jarosław Kwiecień


Rendin is not only a technological platform that offers rental agreements for landlords and tenants. It is a team of professionals and modern know-how for renting out securely. I became convinced of this when problems with the tenant arose. By working with Rendin, I was not left alone. The Rendin representative proved to be an efficient and effective negotiator – the issues were solved. After my experience, it is worth using such a solution, plus the skills and knowledge of the Rendin team. Therefore, I recommend renting out an apartment through the Rendin platform.

Jakub Kowalski


If a company just makes verification without any guarantee, then I don't feel secure about it. In Rendin's case, I'm confident you want to do this check successfully, as you take the financial risk for that person later.

Sebastian Oswald


I like new solutions and immediately wanted Rendin's rental security. There is no other solution like it on the market. Also, I'm convinced by the fact that the company comes from Estonia, a breeding ground for successful startups. They answer questions quickly, and the app is intuitive and friendly. I recommend it!

Karolina Drąg


I recommend it not only because of the surety by Rendin but also because of the excellent customer service. In a very long conversation where I had a lot of questions, I got all the answers comprehensively and in a friendly way. So I recommend it, especially if you have no experience renting property yet.

Tadeusz Kula


I lost 4x rent and utility payments. I didn't have Rendin's protection then. Now I have one.

Anna Kisicka-Turkuła


I recommend cooperation with the Rendin platform and the support of lawyers from the beginning to the end of the renting-out process. I hope for a successful further partnership. :)

Barbara Sarnecka

Professional approach, a mine of knowledge for untrained landlords and tenants and competent company staff. I recommend.

Gabriela Kielak


Very helpful company when renting an apartment and verifying potential candidates. I got answers to my questions quickly and comprehensively. All documents are in one place in an accessible, intuitive app. I highly recommend it to landlords as well as tenants.

Marta Danielewicz


I would highly recommend renting an apartment out through the Rendin platform. The agreement creation was speedy and hassle-free, but more importantly, it was concluded only after positive verification of the tenant. In addition, the agreement is based on current legislation, so we did not have to worry that something would be incompetent on our part. Throughout the entire process, we could count on the very professional assistance of our customer consultant at all times, for which we are very grateful.

Artur Dolecki


Stress-free handling of the agreement and peace of mind after signing it. This is what I’ve been looking for.

Dorota Was


I recommend cooperation with Rendin Poland. Good communication, problem-solving support, and nice people. :)

Piotr Stachowiak


Rendin does what they promise. For example, I had a problem with a tenant, and they helped to end the agreement quickly. There was minor damage, and Rendin covered it.

Filip Kowarski


The financial losses caused by a rogue tenant can be huge. It's not only the unpaid rent, the cost of renovating the devastated property, and the money not earned by the downtime needed to renovate and find a new tenant. Fortunately, we live in exciting times, and when a problem arises, we have a company that wants to solve that problem. The solution offered by Rendin is so attractive that I have rented four flats through the platform.

Michał Korneszczuk


I have been renting through Rendin for three months. Excellent process and a lot of help in preparing documents.

Małgorzata Lindner


I give a 5/5 rating with a clear conscience: good customer service, convenient interface, ease of navigating the platform and above all – a service that solves my problem. I thought about rental insurance, but the surety for rent payments and the fact that I am not alone in case of a problem but have the support of the legal department convinced me more. It came in handy right from the start when I had questions about just going to the notary with the occasional rental agreement. I can definitely recommend it!

Andrzej Wasilewski


I got recommendations from friends who rent out through Rendin. Now, I have rented my apartment out, and I’m satisfied with the service. So far, I have been fine with the tenant, so no direct experience with how the company resolves problematic situations. Yet, I had customer service support from the beginning when I made the rental agreement.

Institutional rental with Rendin is the safest solution on the market

Najem instytucjonalny with Rendin

Institutional rental agreement

Regular rent agreement

Institutional rent template and documents

Lawyer created template

Unverified template

Tenant eviction in case of problems

Free legal advice

Damage protection

Customer support to help you with all questions

Rent payments guarantee

How to use Rendin?


Add your property to Rendin

This step is simple and fast. We only ask you for the most vital information e.g. address, nr of rooms etc.


Find a tenant and add them to the agreement

Find a tenant as you usually do: on listing portals or social media. Send them a link to your property in Rendin platform. After positive background check, they will be able to sign a contract with you.


Add terms of the lease

Fill in the required fields. Enter your additional terms, if applicable.


Sign the agreement

After signing we provide you with information on how to sign najem instytucjonalny and the necessary documents.


Create a handover act

The act should include photos of the apartment, info about the meters and any other important information.

About us

Who are we?

Rendin was established in 2019, in Estonia, in cooperation with the insurance company ERGO. After the first successes, we decided to enter a larger market and offer protection to landlords also in Poland.

Our team consists of over 25 people who work in Poland and Estonia. These include experienced customer service, insurance and technology specialists as well as lawyers. All with great knowledge of the real estate and rental market.

We create a safe real estate rental environment. One in which owners no longer have to be afraid of entrusting their premises to unfamiliar tenants.

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Are you looking for other rental agreements with the Rendin guarantee?

We have them for you! If you are renting as an individual, choose occasional rental and get a quick eviction path. We also have for you the most popular in Poland, ordinary lease agreement, also with the Rendin financial guarantee.

Occasional rental agreement

A fixed-term contract for a period lasting from 3 months to 10 years between a private landlord and a tenant. The tenant must sign a declaration of voluntary submission to eviction at a notary public.

  • Financial loss and damage protection up to 10x month rent

  • Faster and easier tenant eviction in case of problems

  • Requires the signing of the tenant's statement at the notary public

Regular rental agreement

A fixed-term contract for a period lasting from 3 months to 10 years between a private landlord and a tenant. There is no need to sign the contract or attachments in the presence of a notary public,

  • Financial loss and damage protection up to 10x monthly rent

  • Professional fixed-term rental agreement draft

  • Fully digital signing process with help at every step