How to rent an apartment safely? Tips for tenants

High inflation, housing crisis, skyrocketing utility costs - looking for a rental property in 2022 and 2023 might be quite a challenge. In such a situation, knowing a few fundamental principles will help us avoid the most common mistakes. Rendin experts share tips that will increase the chances of finding the best deal and facilitate a safe, stress-free rental.
Published date 30.11.2022
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How to rent an apartment safely? Tips for tenants

Looking for an apartment to rent is often a long and frustrating process, so when a cheap, promising offer comes along, we often want to get it over with. When choosing a new apartment, it is worth following the recommendations to help us avoid inconvenience, stress, and unnecessary costs.

1. Determine the budget you want to fit in

The starting point should be a realistic analysis of our financial capabilities in terms of rent, taking into account additional fees, such as utilities, parking space or Internet. We can avoid a high deposit by using apps such as Rendin, where it is replaced by a small monthly fee of 2.5% of the rent.

When planning your budget, also consider the price of services in your chosen neighborhood and the cost of commuting from the location. You may find out that a low rent is offset by high suburban ticket fares or gasoline. 

2. Analyse your needs

It is worth considering what we definitely can't give up in terms of our future apartment. Given our daily routines and existing habits, it could be, for example, the possibility to work remotely in a bright room with high-speed wi-fi, a park for walking the dog, or a balcony.

It's then worth tracking down the services and amenities in the immediate area. Importantly, we should verify (e.g., on an online map) the advantages of the location mentioned by the owner in the ad, such as an easily accessible gym, a 24-hour pharmacy or convenient bus stops nearby. This will help avoid many unpleasant surprises in the future.

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3. Check out the landlord

When renting an apartment, we have the right to know with whom we are signing a contract and to whom the premises belong. Therefore, we can ask the landlord for the apartment's title deed, a copy of the register, or a document from an attorney if the premises belong to another person (for example, the owner's family). Quick contact, the availability of the owner, and the possibility of assistance from their side are extremely important in case of emergencies, such as equipment faults, problems with utilities or neighbours.

4. Think carefully about your decision and sign a secure contract

The BIG InfoMonitor survey confirms that every second Pole happens to make financial decisions on impulse. However, when choosing a property, try not to succumb to the pressure of time (or the landlord) or emotions. Although landlords are now in a more favorable position and often organize "castings" for a tenant, let's think twice whether we are sure we like the proposed conditions.  

The contract itself should clearly define the rights and obligations of both parties, and leave no room for understatements. We should analyze its duration, terms, arrangements for repairs, deadlines, payment methods, and responsibilities of both parties. Any changes must be made in writing.  

Good news? If you are concerned about time and security, the contract signing process itself can be expedited and carried out digitally, for example, through convenient apartment rental apps.

5. Remember to check technical details and get the handover protocol

When viewing the apartment, pay attention to the installations: electrical, plumbing, and gas – ask about the contact of the people or companies responsible for repairing/maintaining the equipment. It is also helpful to take care of the handover protocol: a document certifying the condition of the apartment.

It is helpful, especially at the end of the contract, in case of landlord's claims of damage to the apartment. For this reason, it is also a good idea to take photos of visible defects and check the status of meters upon moving in.

Being careful when looking for an apartment is an investment in peace of mind and satisfaction that always pays off, over time. Don't be afraid to ask, enforce your rights, and set conditions so that the lease is mutually beneficial.

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