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Rendin connects landlords and tenants, protects them during the rental period and saves time and money for both parties.

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Numbers don’t lie. Rendin protection for rental agreements is the ultimate way 
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What's Rendin?

Rendin is the solution for renting (out) a home and signing secure long-term regular, occasional, and institutional rental agreements. The landlord has rent and utility payments guarantee with property protection, and the tenant can rent deposit-free.

Is Rendin Like Home Insurance?

No, we give protection in situations where home insurance can’t help (and vice versa). We strongly recommend all landlords to have the combination of secure rental agreement by Rendin and home insurance with liability insurance. If there is no home insurance, the owner is responsible, which can mean paying for thousands of euros of damages.

Rendin's Value for the Landlord

We give landlords an unpaid rent and utilities compensation guarantee worth up to 10 times the rent amount. In case of a problem, the owner can be sure they won't miss out on rental income. The problem could be the tenant's debts, the tenant unexpectedly moving out or because of other problems.

Rendin also provides protection for the interior of the flat. Furniture, appliances and other objects in the rental property are covered against damage caused by the tenant, whether intentional or not.

Rendin's Value for the Tenant

The greatest benefit for the tenant lies in renting without a deposit. When moving into a new home, the starting costs are significantly lower, as the tenant only has to pay the first month's rent. Without Rendin, the person usually has to pay at least three times the rent. Meaning: the first month's rent, the deposit, and sometimes the agent/contract fee.

As for the landlord, there are Rendin experts available to help the tenant with any concerns or questions. And this is throughout the whole rental period.

How to use Rendin?


Add your property to Rendin

This step is simple and fast. We only ask you for the most vital information e.g. address, nr of rooms etc.


Find a tenant and add them to the agreement

Find a tenant as you usually do: on listing portals or social media. Send them a link to your property in Rendin platform. After positive background check, they will be able to sign a contract with you.


Add terms of the lease

Fill in the required fields. Enter your additional terms, if applicable.


Sign the agreement

After signing we provide you with information on how to sign najem instytucjonalny and the necessary documents.


Create a handover act

The act should include photos of the apartment, info about the meters and any other important information.

Fee and Agreements

What Type of Agreements are on Rendin?

Only fixed-term rental agreements can be signed through us because this offers more security. Rendin contracts can last from 3 months to 10 years.

This solution is the most advantageous from the legal point of view. Although the agreements are signed with fixed terms, they can be terminated at any time with the consent of both parties.

Regular rental agreement

A fixed-term contract for a period lasting from 3 months to 10 years between a private landlord and a tenant. This agreement doesn’t have to be notarized.

  • Financial loss and damage protection up to 10x monthly rent

  • Professional fixed-term rental agreement draft

  • Fully digital signing process with help at every step

What's Rendin's fee?

Rendin's service fee is 2.5% of the monthly rent, and it's paid monthly until the end of the rental agreement. The tenant pays for our service. By agreement, the landlord can make these payments instead.

Occasional and Institutional rental agreement

The occasional rent agreement gives the landlord much more security than a regular rental agreement. Especially in case of eviction of the tenant and the recovery of the apartment.

In addition to the standard provisions, that also appear in the regular rental agreement, the tenant agrees to a voluntary submission to enforcement in the form of a notarial deed, and in case of occasional agreement indicates also the address of the alternative premises to which he will move out in the event of termination of the contract. This ensures that the apartment will be quickly recovered from a non-paying tenant who has therefore no legal grounds to avoid moving out.

The occasional rental agreement may be concluded for a fixed term. In Rendin it can be concluded for a period of 3 months up to 10 years.

Background Check and Problems

Background Check by Rendin

Rendin has built its background check on checking payment defaults. The candidate passing the background check means they have the necessary solvency to rent an apartment and have no debts to other companies. It's a tool for Rendin because we need to be sure that we trust the potential tenant – we're taking a risk for the tenant, not the landlord.

Background Check Failure

In general, the background check fails if the system detects a tenant candidate’s problematic payment history (collection claims and debts to service providers) or insufficient solvency (active quick loans and disproportionately expensive rental space compared to income). Sometimes the system may ask for additional checks due to insufficient data. Rendin’s experts can always do a manual check to make sure the tenant candidate's financial background is solid.

Dealing with a Debtor Tenant

If the tenant has missed a rent payment, the landlord should immediately get in contact with our customer service who can then provide the best legal framework to proceed. We will also provide the necessary documents, notifications and other support to solve the problem as fast as possible.

Problem with Property Damage

If the landlord has discovered the damage, they must inform the tenant. It would be reasonable to keep Rendin updated as well. Having supporting documentation, such as a properly created Handover Act with up-to-date photos, is required. The first step is to put the responsibility on the tenant and try to reach a compromise. If the tenant isn't cooperative and doesn't compensate for the damage, Rendin will take over the case. The landlord receives the compensation, and a claim is made against the tenant. For more details, please visit our Help Centre.

Looking for a tenant or want to sign an agreement?

Rendin Digibroker is a tool for landlords to find reliable tenant candidates. With the selected tenant, you can sign a secure rental agreement.

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