Safe Tenants, Unique Protection

Rendin works with trusted of companies that guarantee us a high supply of reputable tenants. Thanks to that we can offer an unbelievable protection with cover for both debts and possible damages to property.

Why rent out with us?

Rendin guarantees the most secure and convenient renting experience. We have created a diverse security system that protects both you and your property in a myriad of ways.

Complete protection

Our property cover is 4 times more than an average deposit payment is. With Rendin you won't ever have to worry again!

Protected payments

If any rent payments should go missing for any reason, we've got you! In addition to that we cover missing utilities, too.

Background checks

We filter out the trustworthy tenants for you. Only people who have passed our background check can sign agreements with us.

I think that Rendin is an ingenious solution. It was about time someone started working on making home renting a modern experience. In the post-app world I shouldn't have to mess around with my rental agreement for hours straight.
Sven Martoja, Real Estate Investor
Rendin is a deposit free home renting solution that provides value for the tenants, agents and landlords alike. If every party understands the service, it is actually a very reasonable solution.
Martin Villig, Investor and entrepreneur

Rendin has the most secure rental agreement in the world

Regular agreement
Property damage protection Equal to 4 deposit payments 1 deposit payment
Rent payments protection Equal to 4 deposit payments 1 deposit payment
Free tenant background checks
Digital and convenient paperwork
Free legal advice
Service fee Free Free
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