Rent Deposit Free

Rendin helps you keep the costs of renting low from the first month by replacing the deposit with a small monthly fee. We also provide a secure najem okazjonalny rental agreement and an all-around convenient process.

Help In Case of Problems

Rendin helps avoid conflicts between landlords and tenants. However, if they should arise, we also help solve them! If there's a misunderstanding or a problem you can contact us for a third opinion.

Start Renting With Low Costs

Swap the costly deposit for a economic Rendin monthly fee. The service fee is only 2.5% of the rent. In case of a 2000 zł rent that's only 50 zł a month!

Fully Digital Process

In Rendin most of the home renting process is digitalized. This includes the initial contract, handover act and also termination of the contract.

Rendin helps you save money

Use the slider below to compare how much you'd save compared to conventional home renting.

Monthly rent
500 zł
8,000 zł
Regular agreement
Deposit 0 1,200
Rendin fee 30 zł/month
Deposit free renting
Safe agreement
Free legal advice

How to use Rendin?



Search for an apartment on our platform by visiting our tenant's page.


Apply for rentals that use Rendin

You can find landlords that use Rendin from our platform or our Facebook group.


Wait for confirmation from the landlord

If your background check was successful and the landlord wants you as a tenant, they will contact you.


Check out the agreement

The landlord will send you the rental agreement which you can preview before signing it.



After this you might still need to provide additional information to the landlord to sign the rental agreement.

Answers to frequently asked questions

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