Tenant is a human as well!

Save 5000 PLN when moving into a new home!

Rendin has replaced real estate agency fees and security deposits with a small monthly fee. It makes your starting costs 3 times smaller. With an average 2500 PLN apartment you can save more than 5000 PLN!

Renting with Rendin has 3 times lower starting costs than regular rental deal

Regular home renting
First rent 2500 zł 2500 zł
Deposit 2500 zł
Agent fee 2500 zł + VAT
Fee 63 zł monthly
Total Starting cost 2563 zł 🤩 8075 zł 😱
Lower starting costs

Rent without deposit and agency fees

Renting with Rendin is two times cheaper than renting directly from a flat owner and three times cheaper than renting from an agency at a cost of just 2.5% per month for our surety. Why overpay?

Safe home renting

Legal support

We designed our contract to be simple, straightforward, and free of unnecessary clauses. In case you run into any doubts or problems with your landlord during the rental period, we will provide all necessary legal assistance. Why worry?

Why take risk?

Fair contract

We provide a fair rental contract drafted with the assistance of expert lawyers. The Rendin contract guarantees full tenant protection.