Sign an institutional rent agreement with free extra protection

Rendin is a platform for secure home rental agreements.

  • Payments guarantee and property protection for the owner

  • Instead of deposit tenant pays low monthly fee

  • Free legal support for both parties

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Institutional Rent with Rendin is the safest solution for you

Najem instytucjonalny with Rendin

Institutional rental agreement

Regular rent agreement

Institutional rent template and documents

Lawyer created template

Unverified template

Tenant eviction in case of problems

Free legal advice

Damage protection

Customer support to help you with all questions

Rent payments guarantee

Jarosław Kwiecień

Rendin is not only supporting before and during the signing of the contract, but also during the term of the contract.

I found out about it when there were problems with my tenant. By cooperating with Rendin I was not alone.

Rendin's representative turned out to be an efficient and effective negotiator. The problems have been resolved and I continue to rent out the apartment through them.

Rendin is a proud member of the Polish biggest landlords association.

How to get started using Rendin?


Add your property to Rendin

This step is simple and fast. We only ask you for the most vital information e.g. address, nr of rooms etc.


Find a tenant and add them to the agreement

Find a tenant as you usually do: on listing portals or social media. Send them a link to your property in Rendin platform. After positive background check, they will be able to sign a contract with you.


Add terms of the lease

Fill in the required fields. Enter your additional terms, if applicable.


Sign the agreement

After signing we provide you with information on how to sign najem instytucjonalny and the necessary documents.


Create a handover act

The act should include photos of the apartment, info about the meters and any other important information.